Deep Pore Cleansing Guide

Deep Pore Cleansing Guide

The agony of having congealed skin oil all over your face is that these blemishes won’t clear out unless you do something about it. Yes, I’m talking about pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. Luckily, these little nightmares can be countered with regular deep pore cleansing.

Conquer those ComedonesBlackheads

Comedones is just another term for inflamed pustules under the skin that’s capped off by a black skin debris or evenly closed off by skin. They are caused by a build-up of excess oil and bacteria on the face. A skin break-out can also be a side effect of a prescription medication. Irritation of the hair follicles, vitamin deficiency and poor diet can also trigger them.

Stay Pore Perfect

Be kind to your pores. Know what it takes to keep your pores clog-free. The following skin care advice are golden:

  • Lay off the grease. Highly emollient face creams are a no-no! Yes, that creamy texture may feel all too buttery and soft on the skin, but this is just a surefire way to clog your pores especially if your skin is the oily type. Emollient face creams only encourages your face to produce more oil than needed.
  • Wash off after wear. Sadly, the most basic rule of face care is often the most broken one – never go to bed with your make-up on. People are either too lazy or tired, or forgetful to take it all off. Sure it happens, but just don’t make it a daily habit. Do head off to the sink before dozing off, clear your face of make-up will allow your pores to breathe. Not washing it off will allow the make-up to cake and dig deep into the pores resulted in a mayhem of congealed zits and bumps.
  • Avoid skin irritants. Skin care products that are drying can stimulate more oil production this is due to their irritating ingredients such as additives and binders usually found in bar soaps.
  • Drink plenty of water. Keeping hydrated is essential if you want great skin from within and not just on the surface. Besides the basic 8 glasses of water a day, you can also opt for natural teas or fresh fruit juice.
  • Go for water-soluble, thin serum cleansers. Skin care products in gel or liquid form often removes excess skin cells before they even dry up and settle on the skin’s surface. This exfoliating action prevents build-up of oils in the pores.
  • Get a facial or two. If you have the budget for it, a visit to a professional esthetician once a month is ideal. A good facial improves blood circulation, increasing the flow of oxygen-rich red blood cells to your dermis.
  • Use healing clay for blackheads. Healing clays are great natural oil absorbers, its deep pore cleansing action purges blackheads, whiteheads and unsightly bumps without the pain of poking or pinching. The dirt just comes out naturally. One of the most popular healing clays out there is Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay mask made from Bentonite clay.

What is Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay?

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay deep pore cleansing is a sun dried powder made from natural calcium Bentonite clay. It refreshes the skin by removing impurities and deep-seated dirt from the pores. Healing clay has been around since the ancient times, even Cleopatra soaked in mud as part of her beauty regimen. And she’s one of history’s first beauty icons!

How to Use Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

The approach to this beauty regimen is pretty much DIY; all you need are your hands in creating this mud mask and a non-metallic bowl. To create the clay paste at your preferred consistency, initiallyHow to Use Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay use 2-3 tablespoons of the powdered clay then just add water or you can mix it with apple cider vinegar or even add a teaspoon of natural extract. A small drop of  Use your fingertips to gingerly apply on face. Leave it to settle for 20-30 minutes, once dry, you feel tightness on your skin. Rinse off gently with warm water.

Aztec Secret Indian healing clay mask is a volcanic mineral exfoliant that can give your face much needed nourishment, enough to rebuild its collagen reserves especially if your overzealous with stroking your face with regular toners and cleansers. This healing clay for blackheads is dye and fragrance free, there are no petrochemicals nor additives, no parabens and fillers. The only manufacturing process it has undergone is crushing and pulverizing, when you open a tub of Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay you practically receive the product in its natural raw state.

Heavy Duty Skin Cleansing

It’s a bare minimum organic scrub with all the mineral essentials you need to flush out toxins. In fact, a lot of beauty industry insiders have made this natural healing clay a go-to fix for acne and skin breakouts. Since it’s made from Bentonite clay, which is known to contain high levels of magnesium, plus an array of other important 67 trace minerals which includes iron, calcium, sodium and potassium.

These active ingredients are known to have a negative charge that can bind to substances on the skin with a positive charge; these are the toxins, pathogens, free radicals and bacteria that the pores need to be purged of. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay gets rid of these poisons, effectively cleansing the pores, leaving you with only soft, smooth skin in the process.

So if you don’t like the bumps you see on your face when you look at it up close, this just might be the right time to improve your beauty cleansing methods. You can opt for the traditional painstaking method of having blackheads and whiteheads manually extracted through a facial tool such as a comedone extractor or you can be more vigilant with your daily exfoliation techniques by adding healing clay to your skin and facial regimen.

What’s good about a healing clay mask is that it’s a deep pore cleansing routine without the risk of scarring or pockmarks that can turn up through frequent facials and improper extractions. Healing clay is gentler on the skin while it unblocks the pores of hardened sebum or skin debris.