Healing Clay Reviews

Healing Clay Reviews

Think back to the last time you bought something off the beauty rack on impulse. Did that really work well for your skin? If last year’s best beauty bets were organic products that ranged from activated charcoal, coconut milk, and rosehip oil, beauty mavens are now fawning over cosmetic clays like Aztec Secret Indian healing clay made from volcanic Bentonite, a deep pore cleansing mineral made from volcanic ash that either comes in powder, flakes or porous form. In fact, the Aztec Secret Indian healing clay has earned top marks in many healing clay reviews.

Be Smart about Skin Care

Most women are very selective about their skin care purchases since it’s Be Smart about Skin Carequite impossible to try every skin care treatment out there. Think about it, do you actually have the desire to put all these creams and masks on your face just to see what really works?

If you’re no stranger to trying out cosmetic samples or beauty suggestions by trusted friends, then perhaps the right skin care product might just land into your collection of everyday beauty staples. There’s no harm in trying, and what works on you definitely should be a mainstay in your beauty routine. Here’s one beauty recommendation you should not miss – the all natural healing clay.

Does Healing Clay Work?

Cosmetic healing clays like Aztec Secret Indian healing clay is pretty mild and won’t set off any allergic reactions, as it removes all the rough bumps and oil traces in your clogged pores. Buff away blemishes, blackheads, whiteheads, blisters, and acne by using this soothing and skin-scouring healing clay mask. Just pile it on before bed time and have perfect skin by morning.

If you have sensitive skin and you feel a bit wary about putting clay on your face, that’s perfectly understandable. Aztec Secret Indian healing clay is 100% natural, and the only manufacturing process done to it is pulverization, making sure you receive it as a fine powder. Nothing was added or mixed in during the packaging process. But if you’re the cautious kind or allergy-prone to even nature’s substances, do a small patch test first on your skin. Mind you, healing clay will turn your skin a bright glowing pink afterwards which is kind of expected since the clay will constrict your skin as it dries. Healing clay can be your best beauty solution, especially when you’re dealing with impurities and bacteria on your skin.

Healing Clay Reviews

Curious about healing clay? Here are some sassy girls doing the straight talk on healing clay and why it should be part of your beauty care treatment. Here are some Aztec Secret Indian healing clay reviews worth the read:

“I was given Aztec Secret Indian healing clay as a gift by a cousin who was working as a stylist. She was always into natural beauty care products and the first to try out everything new. At first, I was expecting the clay texture to be porous or rough, but instead it was this creamy paste, it felt like putting frosting on my face, it wasn’t until I felt my skin tighten a few minutes later that I fell in love with it! Now I got all my girlfriends the same beauty gift for their birthdays. I just got to spread that wonderful feeling and that extra smooth glow I get with healing clay. What’s not there to love?” – Sandy, OH

Healing Clay “I get breakouts a lot, and of all things, the bad breakouts happen during busy days when I have to face really important people at work. I don’t feel like I would leave a good impression if I just stood there and all I could think about is this huge zit on my face. I know it’s not like high school anymore, but I do know when I’m not feeling or looking my best. So the night before my meeting, my roommate puts on this face clay just before going to bed, and she tells me to give it a try so I could dry out my zit by morning. I put it on and it starts caking after 20 minutes, it felt good really. My skin was all soft, so I decided to leave a bit of clay on my zit spot overnight. Amazingly, I wake up the next day with the zit gone and my skin feeling smoother as ever. For me, Aztec Secret Indian healing clay is a quick fix-it for flare ups that girlfriends got to have.” – Jenny, TX

“You can never go wrong with a good purchase. I use healing clay on a weekly basis since my cheeks are on the dry side; however my T-Zone has oil levels that are just off the charts. Only healing clay can subdue those greasy parts, it does a good job exfoliating all my clogged pores. My gal pals know I’m obsessive about pore size so I go for an extraction facial every month, and if I miss any appointments I make sure I got some “me” time with healing clay, so I spend my weekends slathered in this soothing mud. Yes, Aztec Secret Indian healing clay! I know it’s a mouthful, but that rosy afterglow it gives my skin, it’s something I can’t do without. For one thing, the price is reasonable. I’ve never looked better, my skin looks amazing and that’s what my friends are saying.” – Cathy, NY

“I’ve seen the difference on my skin since I’ve included it into my beauty regimen. I also like making my own healing clay recipe- 3 tablespoons of Aztec Secret Indian healing clay with Apple Cider Vinegar and my fave natural extracts lavender, almond oil, beeswax and drops of Vitamin E. It’s my personal breakout busting paste. My face feels luxurious and fresh right after. I call it my daily beauty pick me-up.” – Sloan, CA

Where to Buy Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay?

Aztec Secret Indian healing clay is not hard to find at all. You can easily buy Aztec Secret Indian healing clay at your local neighborhood Walmart and Walgreens stores. You can also order online.

If these honest-to-goodness healing clay reviews have not convinced you, maybe it’s about time you find out for yourself and let Aztec Secret Indian healing clay work its natural exfoliating magic on your skin. Nothing beats the truth when you experience its detoxifying and nourishing effects first hand.